Who Is Leela Sharon Aheer

UCP Deputy Leader

UCP Critic for Children’s Services and Status of Women

Leela Aheer was elected to the Alberta Legislature on May 05, 2015 in the constituency of Chestermere – Rocky View.

The Rocky View region is where Leela has called home since 1979 and she presently resides in Chestermere. In fact, before going on to her University of Calgary experience, Leela was a student at Conrich Elementary and Chestermere High School. She and her husband have been together for 25 years and are a busy family of four.

As a business owner and operator Leela has taken on many executive roles including ownership of Chestermere’s Westcreek Autowash over the last 10 years. Being a local business owner has ingrained the principles of financial responsibility and efficiency in management. Many of these experiences have lead Leela to extensive dealings with various levels of Government, the direct handling of multi-million dollar budgets and the requirement to put others interests ahead of herself. It is a natural extension of her experience to support smaller and less top-heavy governments.

Beyond providing Spanish, French, Music and Drama instruction at several schools in the region, Leela has had extensive dealings with all levels of education governance. Today she proudly advocates on behalf of her special needs son and actively guides her older son at the Victoria Conservatory of Music.

Leela is also a founder and owner of the Chestermere Community Health Centre. She was instrumental in bringing Alberta Health Services to her home town and looks forward to expanding medical services in the region. She believes in and cares about bringing localized health care to smaller communities.

This energetic lady also runs the Aheer Studio of Performance in Chestermere where she employs several music teachers. As the Lead Artist, she has taken her craft beyond Chestermere – Rocky View in her nationally released ensemble Minerva.

Best known through her volunteer work, especially in music and the arts, she works more than 50 charity events per year. Fundraisers, minor hockey casinos, bingos, community fundraisers and various music events consistently benefit from Leela’s energy and leadership.

Her Political Science education comes from the University of Calgary and her interest in this area is lifelong. She also holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Manitoba.

Leela looks forward to using her roots in the community along with her experience in business, and her passion for her community to effectively advocate for her constituents in the Alberta Legislature.